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About Me

Dear Customer:

Thank you for coming to our store!

Zoya Nadia Rennka


Zoya began her interest and career at the early age of 16 and by age 25 to 30 created techniques and skin care formulas that surpassed the mainstream methods and products focusing on how to prevent premature aging, heal serious skin conditions, corrective procedures for laser and surgery patients, producing natural-organic formulas that gave fast results. Adding to that she specialized in corrective skin peels and oxygen therapy treating thousands of cases that mostly came to her through referrals due to her superlative work.

Today at age 70, although retired from past services, Zoya continues to offer the finest naturally organic skin care for both men and women. She is a walking example of over 45 years in this industry.

David Wilkinson

I created this store to sell products that are
unique and are useful. At least that is
what I try to do most of the time.

Something about me..
Hmm, well I have two children 
I am very proud of them as they are grown up and
out of the house. Haha...

I have over 50 years experience in computers.
I started programming when I was 15 years old.
Way back before most people even dreamed of smartphones.

I now live in Southwest Utah, where the winter weather tends to be
cool. So, winters are tolerable, and the summer is,
well you know, Hot! The views are beautiful.

My interests are baseball, martial arts and other sports
I have traveled to Japan many times, so I love anything
from Japan, japanese food, ceramics, art, culture, etc.

Oh, and I meditate almost every day.

I wish you Peace, Compassion and Love,
Wherever you travel in your life's journey.

Take Care of Yourself, so you can take care of others.